Paper Print Collection Pilot Study with Library of Congress and DOMITOR

In conjunction with Prof. Tami Williams (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) we have enlisted several members of the renowned DOMITOR research society to study the the early silent films of the Paper Print collection at The Library of Congress.

Films Division of India Pilot Study

This pilot is focused on studying the legacy of documentaries and informational films archived at Films Division in Mumbai, India.

We are grateful to Mr. V.S. Kundu, Director General of Films Division, for his generosity and enthusiasm regarding this project.

“In the Life” Pilot Study with UCLA Film and Television Archive

In the Life is a historic public television program that assayed the history of gay and lesbian lived experience in the United States. The entire run of that program, plus all of the associated materials involved in the production of that program, was preserved and placed online in Spring, 2015 by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Historical News Media Pilot Study

Scholars from multiple institutions are using MEP-connected tools to design a broad study of historic newsreels, newsfilm, and newscasts housed in disparate collections including Open Vault at WGBH in Boston, The Moving Image Research Collections at The University of South Carolina, The American Archive of Public Broadcasting, and many others.