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MEP Receives “South Korea-US Cooperation Program in Humanities” Grant

Thanks to the efforts of our colleague Han Sang Kim, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ajou University in South Korea, Prof Mark Williams and MEP have been awarded a “South Korea-US Cooperation Program in Humanities” grant that is funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). In November, 2019, Prof Kim was a member of our panel about USIA/USIS studies at the American Studies Association conference in Honolulu.

The grant is designed to support the organization of an academic event by the two persons named in the grant, one based in South Korea and one in the US. Based on the work Prof Williams has undertaken with MEP in South Korea and in relation to the history of the USIA, he is the designated US scholar.  The event will feature The Media Ecology Project and work to establish long-term approaches to teaching and research in South Korea via MEP.  The grant will enable the invitation of 4 scholars from the US to participate, including Dr. Bret Vukoder (Carnegie Mellon University), and Dr. Hadi Gharabaghi (New York University), Prof Williams, plus multiple scholars from South Korea and Southeast Asia.  The conference will be scheduled for late 2020 or early 2021.

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