Digital Tools for Moving Image Analysis Symposium: May 8-10, 2019

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The Neukom Institute for Computational Science & The Media Ecology Project at Dartmouth
Digital Tools for Moving Image Analysis Symposium

May 8-10, 2019

This three-day symposium brings together scholars, librarians, archivists, and technologists to discuss current computational methods of research on video and film and brainstorm about future interdisciplinary research. Participants will discuss current research tools and methods for time-based markup of moving images, formal analysis of film properties, machine learning software for object classification and facial tagging, and linguistic analysis of media paratext. This symposium is an extension of two NEH-funded projects underway at MEP: The Accessible Civil Rights Heritage project and the Paper Print and Biograph Compendium.

Wednesday, May 8 (open to the public)

Welcome and Keynote Event
6PM, Filene Auditorium
Keynote talks and screening at 6pm followed immediately by a reception.

Opening keynote talk by Prof. Mark Williams: “Evolution of and Introduction to The Media Ecology Project”

Come meet all the symposium members (see list below) and see some examples of recently-digitized early cinema!

Thursday, May 9
9:30AM-4:30PM, The Neukom Institute (252 Haldeman Center)

Morning introductions and select initial presentations including:

  • John Bell and Mark Williams, Dartmouth
  • Jenny Oyallon-Koloski, University of Illinois
  • Lauren Tilton and Taylor Arnold, University of Richmond

Lunch will be catered on site at noon.

In the afternoon, participants in the Accessible Civil Rights Heritage and Paper Print and Biograph Compendium projects will meet to update partners in the group and plan for upcoming work.

Dinner for invited project partners will be at the Pine Restaurant.

Friday, May 10
8:45AM-4PM, The Neukom Institute (252 Haldeman Center)
Morning presentations from several EU participants who could not travel here, including:

9AM Liliana Melgar (University of Amsterdam)
“Introducing the CLARIAH Mediasuite”

10AM Barbara Flueckiger (University of Zurich)
“Deep-learning Tools for the Annotation, Analysis and Visualization of Film Colors”

11AM Peter Uhrig (University of Osnabrück)
“Introducing ‘NewsScape’, Red Hen, and The Rapid Annotator”

Noon Christian Gosvig Olesen (University of Amsterdam)
“The Sensory Moving Image Archive (SEMIA): Visual Analysis, Visualization, and the Quest for Serendipity in Moving Image Archive Exploration”

1:30PM Gines Hidalgo (Carnegie Mellon University)
“Introducing OpenPose”

Lunch will be catered on site at noon.

Additional afternoon presentations will follow, along with small group deliberations and a concluding round-table discussing pathways forward to new research.

Dinner for invited project partners will be at The Norwich Inn.

Participants include:

Mike Mashon (Library of Congress)
Dan Streible (NYU)
Paul Spehr (Independent Scholar)
Jenny Oyallon-Koloski (U Illinois)
Lauren Tilton (U Richmond)
Taylor Arnold (U Richmond)
Becca Bender (Rhode Island Historical Society)
Aboubakar Sanogo (Carleton U)
Desiree Garcia (Dartmouth)
John Bell (Dartmouth)
Mark Williams (Dartmouth)

Thanks to Dan Rockmore at The Neukom Institute for Computational Science and Mitch Davis at Dartmouth Information, Technology, and Consulting for their generous support!