New version of Waldorf.js video annotation plugin released

MEP is happy to release Waldorf.js v1.2 today. v1.2 adds a navigable annotation index feature and documents previously-dark hooks and callbacks that can be used to customize annotation rendering and display. It also introduces new features supporting integration with host content management systems that allow the host system to pass user identification through Waldorf and use it for annotation attribution.

Waldorf.js v1.2 is being developed as part of MEP’s annotation efforts around a new set of films that cannot be made publicly available due to copyright restrictions. By integrating Waldorf with Dartmouth’s institutional single sign-on system (CAS), MEP can provide a secure environment for small groups of scholars to collaboratively annotate video in a web browser.

For more information on how you can use Waldorf.js and the Semantic Annotation Tool in your own work, see Waldorf’s GitHub page or contact us with questions.

Onomy v1.2 Minimum Viable Annotator example